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Topic Summary

Posted by: coach
« on: October 11, 2017, 09:32:31 AM »

We've released a brand new, free content update just in time for this Thursday's free Steam weekend!

New Content

Brittany (New Map)

Supports Offensive, Liberation, Invasion, Stronghold, Entrenchment, Firefight and Intel.
Shooting Range (New Training Map)
Supports the Sandbox mode.

New Features

In-Game Foliage Editing tools
Map Name and Location UI element that fades in at the start of a game
Hint system for new players (only available at the Shooting Range)

Updated Features

The foliage shader now support alpha-to-coverage rendering when MSAA is set to 4x or higher.
Improved ambient light accumulation for foliage clusters.
Added item store button to the main menu.
Added support for weapon upgrades and gear items to the game_player_equip entity.
Improved game_player_equip weapon selection behavior.
Added Respawn input to the prop_physics_respawnable entity.
Added option to func_destructible_wall and prop_destructible that allows you to disable the high explosive requirement.
Added new UI sounds to the main menu.
Added new UI animations to the main menu.
Added music transitions when switching to various sections of the main menu.
Added Tour notification to the main menu that shows up when you can start a new Tour.
Removed First Deployment playlist button that used to show up for unranked players.
Added self-shadowing support to the WorldGGX shader.
Improved handling of the navigation button states of options menus.
Use the SourceScheme for the legacy server browser to more closely match DOI's visual aesthetics.

Updated Content

Dog Red Graphical Update
Added various amounts of set dressing.
Added foliage.
Added new Matilda tank model
Added new cash register model
Added new Tiger tank model
Updated Vickers materials and textures
Updated Enfield materials and textures

Coop Changes

Entrenchment: Regroup points won’t move if the bots are capturing the current CP, avoiding a situation where the player had to sprint between multiple points.
Stronghold: Fixed a bug where the counter attack siren wasn’t spawning aircraft.

Map Changes

Foy, Comacchio, Breville and Dunkirk navmesh update
Fixed a bot spawning into a wall on Foy Stronghold

Bug Fixes

Fixed artillery taking too long to arrive on target (should arrive 35% faster).
Fixed reticule alignment on the G43 scope.
Fixed Steam friend detection function (affects Steam friend icon highlighting).
Fixed HTML entities not being stripped from news panel titles.
Fixed rain not showing up on lower shader detail levels.
Fixed Frontline waves decrementing when they shouldn’t in specific cases.
Fixed Liberation waves decrementing when they shouldn’t in specific cases.
Fixed issue that made it impossible to spectate bots in cooperative modes.
Fixed presets not saving and loading after having been saved once during that session.
The engine will now display an Out of Memory error before crashing to desktop when it has run out of memory.
Fixed stack corruption bug in UTIL_ReplaceKeyBindings.
Fixed issue that prevented people from saving their audio settings.
Fixed an issue in the Video settings menu that caused UI elements to contain previous changes after they are discarded.
Fixed Apply button not being made invisible when there are no dirty values present.
Fixed restoring defaults for some settings on the Game settings menu.
Fixed missing recommended video setting values for all of our previously new video settings.
Fixed a UI bug that caused control points to be displayed incorrectly when they were above or below you.
Tweaked the water shader’s specular reflection intensity.
Fixed temporary entities not being aligned to 16 byte boundaries.
Fixed missing masks and normal maps on C47, B25 and Ju52 aircraft.
Optimized collision mesh on all support aircraft.
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