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Welcome to the Soldiers At War Gaming community.
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Welcome to the Soldiers At War Gaming community.

SAW or Soldiers At War was formed by a group of gamers looking to provide a home where games would be played within some basic guidelines. These included playing a fair game, not being abusive, respecting fellow gamers & forming a safe community environment for all ages & sexes. It all began in 2006 & with modest single server availability slowly expanded to finally host a number of various gaming servers on our own server box hosted out of a datacenter in Sydney. The main game that the clan was based on is DODS-Day Of Defeat Source but has now expanded to cover many other titles, some mainstream & others mods that get less online coverage.

If you feel you would like to join this community become a member of our forum & apply to join.

December 08, 2018, 01:22:16 AM by coach | Views: 20 | Comments: 0

Insurgency Sandstorm Pre-Order Beta 2 Update Highlights - December 7th, 2018
Hello everyone. Today we’re releasing an update to address feedback we’ve heard from the Insurgency: Sandstorm community in anticipation of the start of the game’s open beta weekend (which runs from Friday, Dec 7 – 5PM CET / 8AM PST to Monday, Dec 10 – 6PM CET / 9AM PST).

The highlights below represent a small portion of the 1,000+ changes to Sandstorm from the last update, but shouldn’t be considered a full change log. We expect to release a full list of changes sometime soon. We look forward to your feedback and we hope you enjoy the beta this weekend!

We also invite you to read the latest blog[] by our CEO, Jeremy Blum where he discusses the future of Insurgency: Sandstorm and what you can look forward to as we continue to update the game!

New Content

    Precinct map.
    Added Crossing back to the list of available maps.
    Mercenary voice option for Insurgents.
    Training Level in the Tutorials section.
    Improved character models:
        Refitted, reoriented, and further detailed gear with items like flex cuffs, duct tape, paracord, glowsticks, punch knives, etc.
        Added new backpacks. Light and Heavy Carriers now have an associated backpack unique to each faction.
        Added thigh holster and thigh pouches for Security depending on Carrier.
        Thickened Insurgent character proportions.
        Reweighted characters, resulting in more natural movement.

    Localization for all supported languages.
    NVIDIA Highlights support. To activate, go to Settings and it will be under the GAME tab in its own section. To open your saved NVIDIA Highlights, click the Highlights button under History from the main-menu or the dedicated button in the in-game menu (when pressing Escape). Please make sure you are using GeForce driver 417.22 or later.
    Credits in the Main Menu section.
    Temporarily removed M005 to be redesigned and added back as soon as possible post-release.


    Pawn reuse system: Characters are no longer destroyed and recreated but instead hidden and teleported to the correct location on death and respawn. This vastly reduces any gamethread hitches on spawns and objective ca...
December 05, 2018, 05:50:34 AM by coach | Views: 20 | Comments: 0

We're almost there.

Two summers ago we had planned to do a free weekend, which we cancelled to go back into full scale development. This was because we knew we were a long way off from the game we wanted to make and were capable of making, and no amount of promotion would solve that problem.

We have spent the past 18 months rebuilding Days of War. Piece by piece we have reinvented the game, throwing out what didn't work, polishing the core that we loved, and continually adding content and new features.

For us 2018 was largely about making the game feel better, smoother, more fluid. This meant more than just more frames per second, but polishing everything from the UI, to the sounds, to the animations, to how the Steam Workshop works. 2018 was a very good year for the underlying tech and we’re taking advantage of everything we can in the latest versions of UE4.

We've admittedly done a poor job at communicating with you during this period, but that's primarily because we didn't feel we had much to talk about until we could come back with something we were proud of. We think our next release will make up for that.

To deliver this release we need your help testing it. We plan to do this in a staged rollout starting with isolated tests that have clear goals. The first tests will be gameplay focused, seeing what works and what needs tweaking. We've worked a long time to get it to a place we're happy with and now we need to see if you're happy with it too.

If you would like to take part in these early tests please drop your email in this form, otherwise stay tuned for our community wide testing in early 2019.

We are aiming to deliver everything we’ve promised and more. It will take us a little longer, but we're getting very close, and we're excited to share it with you.

-Driven Arts

December 05, 2018, 05:26:42 AM by coach | Views: 22 | Comments: 0

Insurgency: Sandstorm brings action-packed, nerve-wracking modern military combat on Friday, December 7 and running through the weekend, as an open beta period will invite everyone to try the game for free on Steam.

To get potential players ready, the new Gameplay Overview Trailer, commentated by the developers, breaks down all the ways Insurgency: Sandstorm is unique, from the high lethality gunplay, to an atmospheric minimal HUD, to Commander-Observer tagteams calling in fire support, to the extensive character and weapon customization, to the very design of maps, modes, and even sound.

New World Interactive’s lead game designer Michael Tsarouhas narrates the action, explaining every movement, explosion, and pull of the trigger. Across eight minutes of gameplay footage he explains how New World Interactive combined the best of shooter fundamentals with a realistic approach to ballistics, equipment, and other gameplay factors, creating an incredible FPS experience. Everything you see - from weapons to vehicles to maps and modes - will be available in the Open Beta for everyone.

We are currently putting the finishing touches on a massive update to deploy when the Open Beta starts, representing a big content upgrade on the current Closed Beta offering. This includes the full map pool, character improvements including new voice lines, an optimization pass, and much more.

Insurgency: Sandstorm is also available in an ongoing pre-order beta, with thousands of players already playing, testing, and providing feedback on everything from weapon balance to optimization improvements. Updates and patches have been regular, taking community feedback into account as well as providing new content for those of you who decided to jump in early.

Those who pre-order receive a 10% discount alongside their instant access to the pre-order beta, as well as an exclusive in-game tattoo cosmetic to show their veterancy in the years to come. An additional 10% loyalty discount will be given to fans that own the original Insurgency. This additional discount will be offered until the end of March 2019.

If you have any questions about Insurgency: Sandstorm for the team, we'll be hosting a Reddit AMA today (Dec 4th) at 12PM EDT. Join us there!

Insurgency: Sandstorm releases December 12th on PC. Steam pre-orders are available now and grant instant access t...
November 29, 2018, 05:51:14 AM by coach | Views: 46 | Comments: 0

 "We are extremely excited to announce a partnership with Indie games label Team17!" This includes an announcement trailer and the launch of our STEAM store page

On behalf of the Black Matter team, I would once again like to thank each and everyone of the community for your patience during the last few months!


Steam store:
October 28, 2018, 04:56:57 PM by coach | Views: 138 | Comments: 0

Hi everyone my name is Jon Higgins, and I am the Marketing and Communications Director here at New World Interactive.

In an earlier blog post[], we went over some of the new features that our team have been working on since the last major update, including upgrading to Unreal Engine 4.20, working on our new map ‘Precinct’, further optimisation, improving the quality of character models, polishing animations, refining gameplay, fixing experience-breaking bugs, adding overall polish and working on community features such as third party dedicated server support.

This is a very large update and should bring around many improvements to the game. However, due to the enormity of changes the update is taking a little longer than we hoped. While we had aimed for the end of October, the new release date will now be Thursday, November 8th.

While we appreciate many of you are waiting patiently for the next update, we assure you the additional development time will be worth it, and after we complete this engine update, we will be releasing more frequent patches and updates in the run-up to release.

Below is an updated list of what you can expect in the November 8th update and a preview of some of the items.
 :Migration to Unreal Engine 4.20
 :A series of new optimizations to push frame rates higher and reduce micro-stuttering.
 :A new urban map ‘Precinct’
 :Alpha AK assault rifle weapon for the Insurgent Advisor class (and Security Advisor in Coop)
 :Community dedicated servers and server browser.
 :Improvements to the low-quality scope option.
 :New functionality for the Explosive Drone, which can now enter buildings through windows to be utilized as a unique interior-clearing fire support option for the Insurgents.
 :A new tattoo cosmetic option, with more varieties to come.
 :Additional Anti-Aliasing and graphics options.
 :Improved character models and animations, including caching of cosmetic items to increase performance, higher quality textures, and proportion adjustments. We will be making further     
  improvements to characters after this update as well.
 :Numerous gameplay tweaks to movement speed, weapon mechanics, armour, fire support, map layouts, and hundreds of bug fixes and improvements.
 :New urban map 'Precinct'

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