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Author Topic: Rising Storm 2: Vietnam Aussie Update  (Read 666 times)

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Rising Storm 2: Vietnam Aussie Update
« on: December 02, 2017, 08:44:52 AM »

New Features

1.05 - the Bushranger Content Update - brings with it three new maps, a new faction to play as, new vehicles including the Bushranger Attack Helicopter, six new weapons, a brand new commander ability: The Canberra Bomber and 3D Positional Voice Chat.

    New Faction - Australian Army
    New Weapon - L1A1 Rifle
    New Weapon - L2A1 LMG
    New Weapon - F1 SMG
    New Weapon - Owens SMG
    New Weapon - Browning Hi-Power
    New Weapon - XM177E1 (for the US Army)
    New Vehicle - Bushranger (Huey Gunship)
    New Commander Ability - Canberra Bomber

3D Positional Voice Chat

Included in the Bushranger Content Update is a new ‘Local voice’ chat channel. You can access this channel by cycling through your existing voice channels until it reads ‘3D Proximity’, or by using the dedicated 3D VOIP Key (Default Binding: Mouse 4). By default, both friendly players and enemies can hear people talking in this channel, server hosts can customize this feature, restricting it to teammates or disabling it altogether.

We’d like to thank everyone who provided feedback on this feature during community testing via the CTB and other tests!

Cosmetic DLC Store Page

Additionally, in this update is a Store Menu that presents cosmetic-only DLC items for purchase. Some items can be unlocked normally by leveling up. No loot boxes!

Show your team that you're above the rank and file with this set of Customization options that put you a cut above regular infantry.

Features items for both the Northern and Southern forces.

    Officer Uniform- PAVN
    Cavalry Ascot - US Army
    Officer's Cap - PAVN
    Beret - US Army
    Campaign Hat - USMC
    Cigar - PAVN, NLF, US Army

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Soldiers At War Gaming Community  |  General  |  PC Games  |  Rising Storm 2: Vietnam Aussie Update
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