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Welcome to the Soldiers At War Gaming community.
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Welcome to the Soldiers At War Gaming community.

SAW or Soldiers At War was formed by a group of gamers looking to provide a home where games would be played within some basic guidelines. These included playing a fair game, not being abusive, respecting fellow gamers & forming a safe community environment for all ages & sexes. It all began in 2006 & with modest single server availability slowly expanded to finally host a number of various gaming servers on our own server box hosted out of a datacenter in Sydney. The main game that the clan was based on is DODS-Day Of Defeat Source but has now expanded to cover many other titles, some mainstream & others mods that get less online coverage.

If you feel you would like to join this community become a member of our forum & apply to join.

August 27, 2017, 09:54:58 AM by coach | Views: 132 | Comments: 0

Hey Everyone,

Last month we showed a few previews of what we are now calling dow_cathedral.

We finished the map a couple weeks back, and wanted to show some previews of the final map

While it has been ready for testing for a few weeks now, we have held off conducting a test until we could do a few other things like upgrading to UE 4.16. We are using our tests of new maps to also test other underlying engine changes, fixes, and features, which means we will not always be testing new maps the minute they are ready.

In the past month we’ve also begun work on a new map, experimented with some new lighting methods, done top to bottom art optimization passes on Carentan and Kaysersberg, and made some progress on some major features that will be detailed more below.

As we mentioned last month, we are working towards a big update where we plan to release a batch of new maps, new features and polish. (Amalfi and Cathedral are maps 1 and 2)

As we work towards the next big milestone things will be a little quieter, so in this update we also wanted to reiterate what we are working towards.

A few months back we really locked in what we needed to do with the game. This was based on everything we learned from our Kickstarter thru several months of Early Access, both player feedback and our own experience experimenting with and playing our own game.

Originally we had a fairly loose vision for Days of War, and we simply could not continue down that path of straddling so many lines, we had to make decisions on what to focus on, what to cut, and what to change.

Some resul...
July 13, 2017, 01:14:38 PM by coach | Views: 160 | Comments: 0

We've got a new map inbound! This next one will be an urban map based around a bombed out french cathedral. Please note, lighting and post process is still WIP.

The map will be ready for testing soon, we will be posting an announcement here when it's time.

Going Forward

Over the next few months we plan to continue to churn out maps and test them during scheduled events. We won't be releasing them fully until we feel we've amassed enough new content to justify a significant game update and free weekend, when they will be released as a batch. This is not because we want to withhold content from you, but because we want to have a compelling reason to come back and try the game once its ready.

During this period we will continue to update the game, tweak the guns, polish rough edges, and add new features from our development roadmap (Map Editor, VOIP, Bots, etc.)

Next month we plan to have a big announcement that we think will please a lot of you - so make sure you pop back then.

We are also including a list of recent FAQ below, mostof these are questions we've answered in these monthly updates but we wanted to lay them out in an easy to read format.

-Driven Arts


What is the state of the game?
We are in Early Access, meaning we are still building essential features and refining the core of the game while also creating the bulk of the map content. The game is still very much in development.

Why aren’t you running Ads or other promotions to try and get more people to play the game?
We are not trying to bring in new players now because we have a list of things we want to accomplish first to im...
June 14, 2017, 12:03:10 PM by coach | Views: 164 | Comments: 0

After this past weekend's preview of Amalfi, we are more excited than ever about the future for Days of War!

In the last week we have made some directional adjustments to DoW’s gameplay and tested our new map. In this post we want to explain some of our learnings and rationale behind the direction of the game.

When we set out to make Days of War we had a very ambitious goal of pulling influence from our favorite classic WW2 shooters (DoD, CoD, MOHAA, ET). Our hope was that we could pull the best aspects from each of these shooters to make a game that everyone can enjoy. We took influence from DoD's recoil and flag capture, CoDs ADS and fluidity, MOHAAs cinematic battles, and ET's classes and objective based multiplayer.

Detailing what has worked and what hasn’t would be a much longer post, so today we want to focus on two aspects we feel are in direct conflict with each other, recoil and ADS.

About ADS

We love the penalty of high recoil in games like DoD/CS that require you to control your gun as you fire. It creates a high skill ceiling that is rewarding to master. Going forward we want to continue to devote attention to make sure our recoil is fun to master and less random.

We also like games with ADS and feel it is practically a standard feature for a modern shooter. We’ve had ADS since day 1 in Alpha and have seen several iterations of it while we tried to hybridize high recoil and ADS.

We had versions that were closer to CoD style ADS which slowed the game down too much by encouraging people to sit and hold, and we had superficial versions which were effectively only a zoom in.

But we never got to a place we were totally happy with, and we think that having ADS created confusion about what our game was. There are many games, both realistic and arcade that rely heavily on the ADS mechanic, the most notable being the upcoming CoD WW2.

As a small studio, we need to offer something unique and think we are better positioned if we focus on recoil being the area we add depth to the game instead of ADS. We personally enjoy this style more and think the continued popularity of CSGO is a good indicator that this can still have appeal today.

We should note this doesn't prevent us from offering a simple zoom only ADS for all weapons as a custom server setting somet...
June 07, 2017, 12:25:44 PM by coach | Views: 167 | Comments: 1

Anyone that has been debating whether or not to purchase this will have the chance when DA offer a free weekend next week. I say get on it  :sir: :thumbsup:

Hey Everyone,

June is going to be an exciting month for Days of War.

Next week we will be releasing a large update with a new map and some major game changes. Alongside this major update we will be doing a free weekend promotion, so everyone can come see the progress we’ve made over the last few months since our launch date.

Free Weekend: June 15th

From June 15th-18th we will be having a free weekend, meaning anyone can try the game for free during this period. This means there will be a lot of new faces so we encourage our veteran players to help show people the ropes.

New Map: Amalfi

Our new map takes place on the famous Amalfi coast of Italy where the US Army Rangers invaded in September of 1943.

We are very excited for this new map as it is the product of all our learnings from the last several months on the technical, art, and design fronts. We’ve increased the frames per second, improved visibility and lighting quality, and used a more traditional domination layout that we feel suits our core gameplay much better than some of our recent maps.

We will be offering an exclusive preview of the new map to some select folks this weekend. Stay tuned for another announcement tomorrow to learn how to participate.

New Lighting

We’ve taken our new light...
May 19, 2017, 09:11:06 AM by coach | Views: 185 | Comments: 0

New Map

Introducing Rhineland, formerly known as Kruppstahl created by community member JakHalz, now revised and our newest addition to the official map cycle.

New Units

More details about the new units can be found here.[]

2nd Australian Imperial Force
Available for all Commonwealth players on Crete, Sicily, Salerno, Comacchio. Featuring Australian accent voice character named Bruce.

2/17th Battalion, Australian Army
Unlockable Australian unit featuring the Slouch hat for all classes & Australian accent voice named Bruce, available on multiple maps.

The Black Watch (Royal Highland Regiment)
Unlockable Scottish unit featuring a black glengarry with red hackle for the officer and black balmoral with red hackle for all other classes.

761st “Black Panthers” Tank Battalion
Unlockable African-American unit featuring tanker helmet and goggles and new head model.

272nd Volks-Grenadier Division
Unlockable German unit featuring a camouflage uniform.

New Weapons

Owen Gun
Available for all Commonwealth Officer and Assault units on maps featuring the Australian units

Melee Weapon Achievement Unlocks

The following new achievements unlock the above melee replacement model items:

“Can Ya Dig It” - Reward for melee kills, unlocks the US Shovel.

“In The Trenches” - Reward for melee kills, unlocks the CW Entrenching Tool.

“Road Works” - Reward for melee kills, unlocks the Axis Shovel.

“Knuckle Sandwich” - Reward for melee kills, unlocks the Brass Knuckles.

“Lumberjack” - Reward for melee kills, unlocks the Engineers Hatchet.

“Newton’s Law” - Reward for melee kills, unlocks the Gravity Knife.

“Shanghaied” - Reward for melee kills, unlocks the Fair...
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